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    I have a Slim Devices Squeezebox Classic player and for several years have used it in conjunction with a Sheevaplug running Thomas Truehl’s Squeezeplug software (Logitech Media Server). It’s been brilliant if occasionally frustrating and I’m very grateful to Thomas for his ingenuity.

    The Sheevaplug finally died a couple of days ago and I’m attracted to M2P as an alternative. My understanding is that the central idea of M2P is to use Raspberry Pis as both servers and players (with suitable soundcards). But I am very fond of my Classic player. My primary question is, can I substitute the M2P Pi setup for my now defunct Sheevaplug and use that as a server for my Classic? I think the answer is „yes“ or „yes, but…“. However before going further I would like some confirmation of this. I have searched this site and I found a reply from Heiner on 1 March 2016 to a query in which he said „The problem is, we do not use the original Classic and Boom Squeezeboxes since we focus on our own solutions to replace these“. I can’t find anything else.

    I’ve never found wireless connections to be reliable (in my house at any rate) so my current setup is that the Classic player and the Sheevaplug are both connected by ethernet cables to my router. I would want to use wired connections with any replacement.

    So, can I use the M2P / Pi as a server for my Classic player, and if so can I connect it all using ethernet cabling?

    Grateful for any advice.

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    Hi Kelly

    Yes you can, I have the m2p as server only and the original squeezebox touch an radio as players.
    All versions of the raspberry can be connected via wire.

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    Hi Kelly,
    You can actually use one Raspberry Pi as both the server for all your Squeezebox-Players in your household and, additionally, use it as another player. The connection via LAN cable is as stable as it gets. My comment on the old Squeezebox models was on a specific issue (FLAC playback) with one of the old Squeezebox devices. However, this was solved with the installation of our recommended version of the Squeezebox Server 7.9 nightly.

    27. Juli 2016 at 22:03 #21915

    Very reassuring, thank you. I look forward to a new learning experience!

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