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  • 12. Juli 2020 at 23:26 #49286

    Hi to everyone !

    – I am quite new to this forum and this will be my first topic in here, hope to do nothing wrong ! :o)


    I do have a RaspDAC Case with an OLED-Display, Raspberry Pi and Audiophonics i-Sabre V4 installed.

    Logitech Media Server is installed and Squeezebox Player is used.

    I was wondering if I could change the language of the display as infos given are displayed in an English format, I would actaully prefer German ! (Date/Time/Temperature etc.)

    Thanks in advance,


    14. Juli 2020 at 14:23 #49306

    Hi Steffko,

    Either the script that controls the display uses the system language, or you can manually configure something in the script. In the first case, you should check whether you have set the system language to German in Settings/Reboot. In the second case, you can adjust the language either in the Audiophonics plugin or directly within the script. If so, we would have to test that.

    14. Juli 2020 at 16:14 #49312

    Hi MarioM,

    thanks for your reply !

    Unfortunately, you cannot adjust the language in the Audiophonics plugin via the Web-interface, and of course, my system language in Settings/Reboot ist German !

    How would I change the language within the script !?

    best regards,


    15. Juli 2020 at 15:31 #49333

    You can access the script with our Remote Control Plugin via SSH, for example. We haven’t been selling the oled display for a while and are not planning to take it back in our range. Unfortunately, we no longer have any oled in our warehouse or in our test area, so we cannot tell you where to find the script and how you can change the language exactly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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