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  • 6. Juli 2019 at 16:38 #46174


    I had several connection breakdowns in the last days so I did an m2p update today to the newest version (not Beta!). Now I have problems in connecting to Spotify. I’m using HifiBerry DAC+ (is also selected as output in Raspberry menu, Status Checker says Internet status is ok, and Spotify Connect menu says Spotify Connect Service is running with process ID.

    When starting Spotify itself, m2p is shown as possible player but after selection there’s no connecting and the option disapears.

    Autostart Squeezebox Server is turned of (Think I’ve read something about that in the forum).

    Thanks for help (Answers in German also possible)

    Full debug info is:

    #### Librespot Output ####

    #### Librespot Command Line Options ####
    error: Required option ’name‘ missing
    Usage: /opt/spotifyconnect/librespot [options]

    -c, –cache CACHE Path to a directory where files will be cached.
    Disable caching of the audio data.
    -n, –name NAME Device name
    –device-type DEVICE_TYPE
    Displayed device type
    -b, –bitrate BITRATE
    Bitrate (96, 160 or 320). Defaults to 160
    –onevent PROGRAM
    Run PROGRAM when playback is about to begin.
    -v, –verbose Enable verbose output
    -u, –username USERNAME
    Username to sign in with
    -p, –password PASSWORD
    –proxy PROXY HTTP proxy to use when connecting
    Disable discovery mode
    –backend BACKEND
    Audio backend to use. Use ‚?‘ to list options
    –device DEVICE Audio device to use. Use ‚?‘ to list options if using
    –mixer MIXER Mixer to use
    –initial-volume VOLUME
    Initial volume in %, once connected (must be from 0 to
    –zeroconf-port ZEROCONF_PORT
    The port the internal server advertised over zeroconf
    Play all tracks at the same volume
    –normalisation-pregain PREGAIN
    Pregain (dB) applied by volume normalisation
    increase volume linear instead of logarithmic.

    8. Juli 2019 at 10:39 #46180

    Hello Mimi,

    Make sure Squeezelite is not occupying the sound card (add „-C 5“ to the command line options of Squeezelite to automatically vacate the card after 5 secs of inactivity).

    Do you use the Squeezebox Server usually? If so, you should migrate to the Spotty plugin for Squeezebox Server. It adds Spotify Connect and Spotify in the LMS to all your Squeezelite players. Here’s how you set it up

    If the issue is the same with Spotty, this might be directly connected to Spotify or a related package.
    If not, our Spotify Connect player has an issue.

    8. Juli 2019 at 22:47 #46204

    Hello Heiner,

    where do I need to add the mentioned „-C 5“ in the command line? Is it in the Spotify Connect register in the form at the bottom of the page? I tried this this evening but it still doesn’t work out.

    As I already said, I already deactivated the Squeezebox Server Autostart in the Squeezebox register and status of Squeezboxserver at all is „not running“.

    Thanks again for help

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    9. Juli 2019 at 10:18 #46214

    Hi Mimi,

    The -C 5 should be in the command line options in the advanced settings of Squeezelite in the Audioplayer menu.

    The server does not impede on your playback, Squeezelite is the player unit for the server to play to.

    As I’ve mentioned, the Spotify Connect player is only really useful for standalone Spotify systems. The Spotty plugin for the Squeezebox Server with Squeezelite as player is a more comfortable and feature-rich option. You can quickly and easily set it up with the HowTo I linked above.

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