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  • 26. Dezember 2018 at 10:02 #42944


    Sorry if this topic already exists, I search the forum an google, found somes similars cases but no relevant solution. I am facing a „Out of the Box“ issue on a brand new installation.

    I’am trying Max2Play on a Audiophonic Rasptouch wich is a Raspberry Pi 3 + official Raspberry touchscreen 7 inch and – in my case – a Sabre V3 DAC. M2P image is m2p_rpi3_7zoll_232. Installation was painless, installation of touchscreen and audiophonic Plugins is done, I have a Premium Licence. My music library is stored on a USB stick, mounted and seems OK.

    But when accessing to My Music option on touchscreen, it show Connecting to Diskstation. After some time, it fails, show Problem Connecting, we could’nt connect to diskstation… and ask for 2 options : Try Again or Switch Library : Whatever choice I use, it show Connecting to DiskStation again and so on…

    I have a Synology Diskstations on my network but is not configured in Max2Play Shares. I only have USB stick mounted, and just to use USB Stick for now.

    Your help will be appreciated.


    27. Dezember 2018 at 0:47 #42952


    Have you turned off the internet connection ???

    The Media Server was originally an PC / Mac app only with the internet settings pages as the player. The software we are using today (Squeezelight) was bild in to streaming receivers and therefore born with an IP address as the only option to receive music.

    So if you have turned off wifi your Squeezelight is trying to connect to the last known IP adresse.

    To make your Squeezelight software see your Media Server on your Pi with out an internet connection you must set up an access point.
    This is quit easy with Max2play:

    You can find a plug in for that

    I hope this will help


    27. Dezember 2018 at 14:56 #42955

    Hi Cassio299

    Thank for your help.

    Network is activated, using either LAN or WIFI interface.
    After reading your post, I do some test: reinstall Jivelite (from menu Jivelite in web interface)
    Now, when entering My Music in player touchscreen, it show

    To enable My Music, try the following:
    -Download the Logitec Media Server software….and make sure it is installed on an computer on the network
    -Insert a SD card into the SD slot
    -Connect a storage device to USB port

    In Choose Player menu, players list is empty.

    YMPD is working (playerip:8081) and I can browse my USB stick from here.

    But I would like to use the playertouch screen, it’s why I bought it 🙂

    27. Dezember 2018 at 15:38 #42956

    I have installed Squeezebox server.
    Now when accessing My Music, it goes to Choose Player page, but the list is still empty.
    Player name is set to „Rasptouch“ in Max2Play web interface.

    I have installed Ipeng app on a smartphone.
    Ipeng player is displayed in Rasptouch Jivelite „Choose Player“ page and I can control it with Jivelite.
    But Rasptouch still not displayed as Player.

    Thanks for your help.

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    27. Dezember 2018 at 23:05 #42958


    OK. Solved the issue.
    So, to sum up what I’ve done:
    _Install Max2Play + Audiophonic plug-in + Raspberry touschscreen plug-in,
    _Configure the player with „Démarrage: Un simple lecteur audio pour les radios Internet et la musique en local (mp3)“ option, that was what I want but to make it work I have to:
    _Install Squeezeserver plug-in,
    _Install Squeezelite (audio players plug-in),
    _Configure a library in Squeezeserver server configuration.

    By the way, I configured a static ip address for Wifi Interface (in /etc/network/interfaces)

    It’s now a nice multiplayer configuration, I can control all my players from iPeng or Rasptouch touchscreen, but if there is a way with Max2Play to have just a simple player with a local music library on USB stick that can be controlled by player touchscreen.

    Thank you Casio299 for your help, you put me on the way to the solution.

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    3. Januar 2019 at 12:02 #43055

    Happy New Year, guys!

    /Cassio: Welcome to forums and thanks so much for helping out other users during my time off 🙂

    @Herve: The best graphical interface we offer is Squeezebox with Jivelite. However, you can also use Kodi as an alternative and obviously you can also manually install any other interface you might want.

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