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  • 29. März 2018 at 12:25 #34891


    I’ve got a problem with my Boss Allo on a RaspPI 3B + 7“ diplay. After a few days of use running as a squeezebox replacement and serving other DLNA clients, my I2S sound card – a Boss Allo – disappears from the system in standby. Even a reboot cannot bring it back. ALSA ( e.g. aplay -l) tells me there’s no soundcard (PI internal audio is disabled).
    It’s required to power off completely (disconnect from supply) to bring everything up and running.

    Since everything is assembled into a stable housing, a loose contact etc is very unlikely. Further, it’s hppening in standy without any mechanical stress to the system.

    Is this a know issue for I2S soundcards on RaspPI, or do I suffer from a defective Boss Allo card?
    Anything I can do for debugging the state of hardware after my „Boss“ is gone?
    I’m not very familiar with I2S hardware yet?


    3. April 2018 at 9:32 #34936

    Hi Toby,

    Do you have the BOSS version with USB-C port on the top or the one without?

    Please first try selecting „none“ in the Allo Plugin, rebooting, reselecting the BOSS and rebooting again.

    5. April 2018 at 13:16 #35001

    Hi Heiner,

    my Allo BOSS is rev 1.1 without USB-C.
    I’ve followed the suggested procedure to re-install the Allo card, but no success. It still disappears from the system after some hours of (successful) use/playback. And as observed before, this is happening silently in idle state.

    I’m still puzzled about the basic question: Hardware (defect) or software issue?
    What’s required to happen to get ALSA forget about a I2S sound card?
    And even if there’s an issue on the I2C control link (loose cables, instable voltage supply, I2C clock issue as addressed by this patch, a soft reset/reboot should bring everything back, shouldn’t it?
    But it’s required to unplug and perform a cold reboot to get everything back running.

    Is there a debug mode for the Allo Boss device driver to get more insight what’s happening?


    12. April 2018 at 10:42 #35141

    Meanwhile, I’ve tested my Boss Allo on a RaspPI 2B, and the indentical software stack (=sdcard) run’s very stable for days now. No issues.
    I’m suspecting a hardware issue on my Rasp-PI 3B, as it’s very unlikely that there a still kernel clock issues on 3B like this one
    open and unresolved. On the the other side, the Allo BOSS running in I2S master mode is kind of an exotic card …

    Can anyone confirm Allo Boss Rev 1.1 is running stable for more than a week on Rasp-PI 3B?


    12. April 2018 at 15:52 #35150

    Hi Toby,

    Since we have a lot of people running the BOSS on Pi3, I would assume this issue should be specific to your Pi.

    While we cannot confirm continuous use for a week, we have been running tests with BOSS cards for a long while now and have not been able to recreate a setup with the card disappearing.

    12. April 2018 at 15:57 #35151

    Thanks for this feedback. Good to hear !
    I’m going to get the Pi3 replaced immediately („Gewährleistung“ ;-).
    Then we’ll see ..

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