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  • 19. August 2023 at 22:28 #52894

    Hi all,
    I’m missing that feature for a very long time.

    What it should exactly do is…

    User shall have the ability to set a Bluetooth PIN for connection on the M2P device which is used for any Smartphone to set up a BT connection to that explicit M2P Raspberry Device – in most cases for direct BT Audio Streaming from Smartphone to M2P without Squeezelite.

    If a BT PIN is Set it should not be mandatory to search the smartphone from the M2P Web interface and then set up the connection.

    If you have Visitors and someone wants to play some music from his smartphone, you won’t stand up, enter your RPI M2P Webinterface and do the whole pairing stuff…

    That is my idea – i tried solving it by myself but my linux skills are way to bad to get it working… so I gave up for a while hoping that someone will also need it and it will be added in any release.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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