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  • 12. Juni 2020 at 14:25 #48993

    at first – thanks a lot for great software

    I want to use Bluetooth to stream sounds from my handy to M2P
    When I stream to soundcard directly, the latency is ok, 1sec at maximum. But player is occupied by BT or Squeezelite I have to stop player etc…
    So I would like to use Squeezebox to play the BT sound, but I have high latency, 3 up to 6 seconds. Each action is delayed – start/stop, volume change, skip or forward.. Each Android app I tried has the same latency. With other BT devices my handy has no problems

    Could you please help? Can BT -> Squeezebox normally cause such a latency? a buffer?

    Raspberry PI 2B, Raspbian updated, fresh M2P

    Br Bohuslav

    16. Juni 2020 at 13:26 #49023

    Hi Bohuslav,

    Bluetooth problems can often have various causes. But usually, the latency shouldn’t be that high. In terms of hardware, this could have to do with the Bluetooth dongle you are using. Apart from that you can only try to update max2play to the latest beta and reinstall bluetooth.
    Then you should install the Wave Input Fix in the Squeezebox Server tab (depending on which LMS version you are using). To adjust the buffer size of the stream, go to the Squeezebox server settings under advanced/network and change the radio station buffer seconds or timeout.

    13. Mai 2021 at 17:27 #51243

    Hello, i have the same problem. It´s just a latency of 2-3 seconds, but it´s too much to get a good streaming experience. Is there a possibility to reduce the latency?

    I have a pi 4 and use the buildt in bluetooth, i also use the beta version of max2play and the nightly 8.2 version. I have also installed the waveinput plugin for the 8.x versions.

    What i want to do is to stream from my windows pc, my firetv stick and my android phone to the squeezebox server and then stream that input to multiple raspberry squeezeboxes in the house. But i want to stream any audio output, for example youtube videos or netflix. Therefore they have to be synchronized and must have a low latency for watching videos.

    thanks, Bernhard

    18. Mai 2021 at 13:44 #51259

    Hi Bernhard,

    You will always have some latency when streaming via Bluetooth. If you add the Squeezebox server to the chain you will hardly manage to keep audio and video in sync. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about that. Even if you connect your audio source to the Max2Play device via cable, there might be a small latency when using the WaveInput plugin.

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