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  • 26. Oktober 2019 at 21:41 #47440

    I am using Max2play as a Squeezebox player in my bedroom which also acts as a server for an actual Squeezebox unit in the kitchen. I recently enabled Bluetooth in order to stream music from my phone. I am using the option „stream to squeezebox server“. This configuration works, except for the fact that when I enable Bluetooth and connect my phone, any music playing on the squeezebox in the kitchen stops and the word Bluetooth appears on the screen. Why should the unit in the kitchen be affected? How can I resolve this problem? It is of course possible to set up another server for the unit in the kitchen, but this involves an additional expense.

    20. November 2019 at 14:59 #47567

    Hi ehrnfldm,

    The BT input overrides all previous playback. This is necessary for the implementation of waveinput to work.

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