[ADDED IN BETA] Bluetooth Add-on: Feature "Stream to Squeezebox Server" not available

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  • 26. Mai 2018 at 14:08 #35897

    I have the following error with my Max2play installation: I want to enable the „Stream to Squeezebox Server“ function under „Bluetooth“. Unfortunately I get the message „This feature is not available yet for the Stretch Max2Play version. Please use the direct streaming until the Squeezebox Server Option is available.“
    My Max2Play version is 2.46.
    What am I doing wrong – do you have any advice?
    Many thanks in advance

    26. Mai 2018 at 15:30 #35899

    I get the same error. I first installed Ver. 2.45 based on Rasbian Stretch, then updated to 2.46. A new installation of the Bluetooth Addon doesn’t solve the error.

    28. Mai 2018 at 13:40 #35916

    Hi Kurt and AH,

    As detailed in the web interface, this feature has not yet been available for Stretch.

    For now, you can either set up the individual BT stream player in the same section for BT playback from a smartphone or use the Jessie image again for this specific feature.

    28. Mai 2018 at 14:28 #35918

    Hi Heiner,

    Thank you. Is this feature planned for the next stretch version?

    28. Mai 2018 at 21:12 #35936

    Hi Heiner,
    Thank you for your quick reply. I will try your tip (set up the individual BT stream player).

    31. Mai 2018 at 10:03 #35990

    Hi guys,

    Good news! The feature has now been added to our most current beta, just make the beta update, install the Squeezebox BT solution in the Bluetooth Plugin and it will work the same as in the jessie image, only a little smoother and more reliable 🙂

    31. Mai 2018 at 16:18 #35999

    That’s great! Thank very much you for the quick help.

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