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  • 30. April 2017 at 23:46 #28634

    I’m running the latest max2play beta on Odroid-XU4 and use LMS as my audio software. I just noticed today on my DAC that the bitrate is ALWAYS 48k even though most of my flac files are 44.1k with some 96k and a few 192k. I’ve checked it’s not a DAC problem by using MPD – not the max2play version, an independently installed version. The DAC is fine and showing correct bit rates when playing 44.1k 96k or 192k.

    So it’s either a max2play issue or an LMS issue. Does max2play limit bitrate to 48k?



    3. Mai 2017 at 14:03 #28675

    Hi bobertuk,

    Which DAC do you have ? and how have you checked the bitrate on your DAC ?

    Best Regards,
    Mohammad Mbydeen

    3. Mai 2017 at 23:05 #28685

    I asked the same question on the Squeezebox forums and thanks to user ‚bpa‘ the issue is solved. In max2play ‚Audioplayer/Squeezelite/Edit advanced options/Soundcard‘ I needed to select one of the ‚hw‘ options. Now everything is working fine.

    Thank you for getting back to me.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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