[SOLVED] best way to install squeezebox serverwith mysqueezebox.com integration

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  • 21. Dezember 2016 at 17:56 #25118

    hello all somehow a few weeks ago i managed to install squeezeboxserver, however for some unknown reason it stopped working after much searching i decided to reinstall everything again. this has worked i can open the interface and the settings but it will not play any radio i throw at it, i did have the mysqueezebox integration enabled, that was fun btw in the wizard to enter my password and credentials without an actual login button, and i think somewhere this is the main problem i have entered my credentials clickec on apply restarted the server then i can see my favourites from mysqueezebox.com but i can not play them when i select a radio and press play it will not move to theright side of the screen in the nowplaying section also when selecting spotify through the my apps section i get an error:
    (Cannot access mysqueezebox.com services without a player connected.) so i think that somehow my connection to mysqueezebox.com is not working, are there any conf files i could check? if i select ti=unein radio also an app on mysqueezebox.com and i select any radiostation i still can not play that station the selected station is never transferred to the right side of the screen for playing, also not working when i add a favourite with correct url and then press play and this has nothing to do with mysqueezebox.com i think, just a local favourite
    also i seem to recal that with previous version, it would show mmax2play in the dropdown of selected players but now this is empty

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    3. Januar 2017 at 16:01 #25408

    Hi Ronald,
    The indicator that the upper right corner is empty instead of showing a Max2Play player means that the Squeezelite player in the Audioplayer menu is inactive. Please check whether Squeezelite is running in the web interface.
    Also, Spotify requires a third party plugin by Triode. Check out out How-To on Spotify for this: https://www.max2play.com/en/how-tos/howto-spotify/

    3. Januar 2017 at 16:22 #25413

    thanks for the info. today i re-installedev erything again. max2play informed me after starting up that there was an update, installed that as well and now i can see the squeezebox server again amnd listen to the radio.

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