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  • 6. Februar 2017 at 7:39 #26688

    Hi dear M2P community,
    I’m using an Allo Vana Player (Sparky, Piano 2.1, Kali Reclocker, Volt) and I am totally happy about the sound. But:
    – I connected my main speakers to the Volt and the active woofer to the piano 2.1 to „sub“. When I change the master volume via a Squeezeplay client, it only affects the volume of the main speakers. The woofer always plays at the same volume. This volume can only be adjusted via the volume slider in the „Allo“ section.
    – I updated Max2Play to version 2.41. When I go to the Allo section (as installed audio card I choose „Allo Piano 2.1 HiFi DAC“), it tells me „Important: The PianoDAC with Subwoofer needs a custom Kernel to run! Click here to install custom Kernel now!. After I did this and rebooted, the message still appears. How can I check, if it is installed?
    – When I go to /lib/firmware, there is no allo folder as it should be – because later I will have to put the config files of the pure path software there. What steos does it need to have the Allo firmware folder appear here (despite generating a folder by hand)?

    Many thanks and best regards

    8. Februar 2017 at 13:06 #26753

    Hello muhackl,

    At the moment the woofer volume could only be adjusted via the volume slider in the “Allo” plugin page, moreover PianoDAC with Subwoofer needs a custom Kernel to run and make sure that you install it and then reboot the system, it should not appear for the second time, after you install the Allo plugin, you can find the configuration files in this path /lib/firmware/allo/2.1

    Mohammad Mbydeen

    8. Februar 2017 at 21:35 #26766

    Hi Mohammad,
    sadly, the message does not disappear after reboot. I’m not using a Raspberry Pi, but an Allo Sparky. Also, there is no firmware folder.
    At least, when using the Volumio image, there is the firmware folder with according sub-folders.
    Changing volume also works as expected.
    You will have to put some work in your software to be satisfying – having to change subwoofer level seperately can be considered a usability fault.
    To be able to change it separately and the whole volume level adjusts relatively to it would be a great feature.

    9. Februar 2017 at 13:11 #26778

    Dear muhackl,

    Sorry, but we dont support Allo Sparky at the moment, we only support Raspberry pi.

    Best Regards,
    Mohammad Mbydeen

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