allo usbridge sig issue

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  • 18. Mai 2023 at 3:44 #52836

    I have order allo usbridge sig on 12 sep 2022 order no. 2000016317
    Last month I have problem When power up and half song play its stop and can’t do nothing.
    Led is permanent on and no light at lan led. Must be repower and mostly not work must be wait few hr. But still half song play.
    1 change power supply = same
    2. Change os (moode or volumio. that working good with other pi3) =same
    Any advice
    above is mail to admin 2 week ago

    more to do
    2 days ago I borrow CM3+ from friends is working good that mean cm3+ were defect.

    how to solve this problem its still in guarantee.


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