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  • 6. November 2016 at 16:33 #23735

    Changelog 2.37 says that Allo soundcard plugin is added but I can’t find it in Plugin downloads section or after updating to the latest version. Can I find it somewhere else or did I miss something?

    9. November 2016 at 16:23 #23837

    Dear jorppana,

    Thanks for your request.

    The ALLO sound card plugin is still a beta version. You can test the beta. However, functions may not work properly yet.

    Here is the link which you have to paste into the Max2Play webinterface under Settings/Reboot.

    Best Regards

    9. November 2016 at 20:06 #23847

    Thank you. I installed the plugin but squeezelite is not running anymore. When trying to restart gives a following message:

    [18:59:19.491068] test_open:384 playback open error: No such device
    [18:59:19.492146] output_init_common:382 unable to open output device

    I’m not able to install the needed kernel drivers either at ALLO tab. It says:

    Kernel Update started
    Installation started – This Messages refreshes every 3 seconds to show current installation status. When finished this message disappears.
    2016-11-09 19:04:33|
    Not Supported – only for New Raspberry B+ / 2 / 3. Please use a newer version of Max2Play to get support for older Raspberry Pi versions.
    Finished – Reboot needed! Click here to Reboot Now

    I’m using Raspberry pi 2.


    12. November 2016 at 17:09 #23891

    I was able to update the kernel after purchasing the licence but I still have the problem with the sound card. Max2play doesn’t recognize CARD=PianoDACPlus and the dac is not visible in the drop-down list under advanced audio settings.


    14. November 2016 at 15:23 #23906

    Hi jorppana,
    In the Raspberry Settings, is your selected sound card “Allo Piano HiFi DAC 2.1”?

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