Allo KALI Reclocker & HifiBerry DAC settings like?

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  • 24. Juli 2017 at 17:36 #30105


    i own a RPI with a DAC managed with Hifiberry settings plugin.
    I would like to insert the reclocker Allo Kali but i am wondering ifMax2Play able to manage both?

    Additional question: where can i found Max2Play image for Allo Sparky SBC?


    25. Juli 2017 at 12:42 #30127

    Hi fabien,

    This is our official stance on the use of the Kali Reclocker:
    The Kali Reclocker can only be combined with DACs running in Slave Mode. The cards of our partners HiFiBerry, IQaudIO and JustBoom all run in Master Mode. Consequently, the Kali can not be connected with these cards without major manual changes. Thus, we recommend the Kali Reclocker in combination with the Piano DAC 2.1 in our Shop. This combination works, as usual with Max2Play, directly out-of-the-box.

    We love the device in combination with the Piano DAC and recommend anyone interested to get it.

    The Sparky Board is not an officially supported device of Max2Play’s. Please contact allow on the software possibilities of the Sparky SBC.

    31. Juli 2017 at 21:34 #30270


    You said Sparky is not supported but i can read in the Changelog V.2.37 – 06.10.2016:

    – Added Beta Max2Play Image for Allo Sparky Board

    What is the image i must install on the sparky to make it work?


    1. August 2017 at 8:29 #30272

    Hi fabien,

    The image remains in beta status for us, we do not offer it as an official download on our website.

    Please head to to find a version and a link to contact Sparky Support for further inquiries.

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