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  • 17. Oktober 2017 at 3:13 #31916

    I am attempting to set up 2 Max2Play devices on a wired LAN. I have given them separate names. The Squeezebox server is set up on an Odroid U3, which is ideal for its speedy performance. The music is stored on a USB drive attached to the Odroid. The previous player was a Logitech Duet controlled by iPeng on an iPad, which worked flawlessly for many years. When the Duet failed, I replaced it with a Raspberry Pi3 with a HiFi Berry DAC+ purchased from the Max2Play shop. I want to use the Pi strictly as a player. First, this configuration produces 3 IP addresses for two devices…1 for the Odroid and 2 for the Pi. Second, I am unable to get the Pi to see the Odroid’s USB drive with music. This is likely due to me not understanding how to properly mount the Odroid and to point the Pi to the proper path. This inspire of watching the YouTube “Diskstation” video several times. The “search for network” on the Odroid has the USB drive showing up as UUID followed by several numbers. Should I copy this information directly as the path for the Pi to mount? In my specific case, the IP of the Odroid is and the USB drive appears under Samba Share as /media/usb with the music folder appearing under media/usb in the Squeezebox server. The IP address of the new Max2Play player shows up as and What is the exact syntax I should place in the “mount” plug in of the Pi to see the Odroid music? I have tried the default suggestion using the Odroid IP address unsuccessfully. Thank you.

    17. Oktober 2017 at 13:00 #31938

    Hi ctweedle,

    If you are using the Odroid for the LMS, you do not need to mount any media on the Pi. It is stream from the LMS of the Odroid anyways. Nonetheless, you can use the same syntax as with Odroid on the Pi’s mounting.

    For the IP issue, please deactivate WPS and Access Point Auto Start Mode if you have not yet.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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