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    After installing Accesspoint, and rebooting by disconnecting and re-connecting the power supply max2play will show up on my devices as a network. Unfortunately, it only exists for approximately 30 seconds. If quick enough I can login to the max2play network, but it will still ‚disappear‘ after 30 or so seconds!? It will not show up again as a network until I reboot again, but it will also disappear again after 30 seconds. On one occasion I was able to stay connected for an extended period, but that was only once and nothing I did that time was any different.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? It is an RPi3 with 5amp power supply, and I have tried with and without USB hard-drive connected. Thanks.


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    Hello gapmedia,

    Please make sure that you should choose nl80211 For the Raspberry Pi 3 in the accesspoint setup page for the WiFi Driver, if something is not working. Otherwise leave it empty.

    And we recommend you to use EDiMax for the wifi stick.

    Best Regards,
    Mohammad Mbydeen

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