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  • 10. Februar 2018 at 20:34 #33939

    I’m using 3x Raspberry Pi 3 with HiFiBerry Digi/Digi+
    Multiroom works great and i’m satisfied with it!

    What I could not find in Forum & Co:

    My AMP is only receiving 2.0 PCM while I’m using squeezebox server and squeezelite as player. HiFiBerry or HDMI does not make a difference.
    Is it possible to get 5.1 speaker output when using squeezebox server for multiroom and squeezelite as players?

    I tried some things with the command line options and ALSA Parameters, but I have no idea of what i’m doing there.
    Within Kodi, DTS and DolbyD in 5.1 works fine with TIDAL-Lossless streams. No problem on that side.

    12. Februar 2018 at 12:08 #33955

    Hi hockel,

    So far, there has not been a lot of requests for 5.1 audio playback in our community. Most audiophiles prefer 2.0, or in some cases 2.1, for which we created the Piano 2.1 DAC solution.

    There is this solution, which should work for Max2Play as well. But it is rather niche.

    But generally, Squeezebox was designed for 2.0 playback and your best bet for anything with surround sound is using Kodi 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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