2.8" Display AND I2s DAC at same time on RPi3?

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  • 2. März 2017 at 18:22 #27414

    I’ve made M2P players for my friends (Pi3, iQAudio DACs, HDD and ATX style power board) and they all work beautifully, so thanks for a great OS!

    I’m now trying to add a small display to my next player, purely as a repeater for Squeezeplayer/Jivelite info, rather than control.
    The problem is: both the I2S DAC and the Watterott 2.8″ display want to use the GPIO pins.
    Any DAC would be I2S and the display appears to be SPI, so, it should be possible to use jumpers rather than the on-board sockets?
    That said, I have no idea of the pinouts on the Watterot display, nor which pins on the Pi are needed for an SPI display.
    Can anyone help?


    7. März 2017 at 14:18 #27487

    Hi Alistair

    You can take a look on this webpage, they have similar setup, I think you can get some ideas from it:


    Mohammad Mbydeen

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