Reply To: Raspberry Pi 5 – releases end of October 2023

19. November 2023 at 16:31 #52961

I did some digging and it seems that piCorePlayer is the most popular LMS/Pi image replacement for Max2Play, but it’s not yet delivered a Pi5 build. That said – the developers don’t seem to think that it will give any better performance than a Pi4 if you’re just running LMS server on it

These pre-built images like Max2Play and piCorePlayer are all well and good for making it easy to set up if you’re a Linux novice, but the trade off is a load of bells and whistles that you don’t always need (piCorePlayer for example is mainly focused on using Pi as a player rather than a server) which can limit performance

In the end I just built my own Bookworm image on a new SD and then installed the latest LMS nightly. Set up the disk mount for my music library and it just worked straight away – and the performance is streets ahead of my old M2P image.

So I’m DIY guy now

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