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3. Februar 2023 at 17:30 #52639

Finally I got it working !!! I was able to connect my Fire TV Stick to M2P Bluetooth Receiver.
I followed the original instructions from but unable to setup successfully.

As mentioned in above post, I did set the class to 0x00041C as below:

sudo hciconfig hci0 class 0x00041C

However whenever i try to make the bluetooth adapter in M2P discoverable it gets reverted back to 0x0c0000

So, I added the below line to /etc/bluetooth/main.conf in Default device class section.
Class = 0x200414

so it looks like:
# Default device class. Only the major and minor device class bits are
# considered. Defaults to ‚0x000000‘.
#Class = 0x000100
Class = 0x200414

and then run
sudo systemctl status bluetooth.service

I used 0x200414 as my device class and it worked perfectly. I included more classes below that you can test ! i generated them using

================================ Device Classes ====================================
Major Service Class | Major Device Class | Minor Device Class | Bluetooth Code
——————– ——————– ———————– —————-
Audio Audio,Video Loudspeaker 0x200414
Audio, Video Portable Audio 0x41C
Audio Audio,Video Portable Audio 0x20041C
Audio Audio,Video HiFi Audio Device 0x200428


Also i ssh’ed into M2P device, and then

sudo hciconfig -a (check whether its showing the new class)
sudo bluetoothctl (to go into bluetooth prompt)
discoverable on
pairable on
agent on
default-agent on

Now Start Fire TV, and scan for bluetooth devices, Your M2P should definitely show up, Pair it and also ensure you fill in the prompts you get on bluetoothctl prompt on your M2P device. Thats it Enjoy
the Fire Tv sound on M2P connected Speaker !!