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28. Oktober 2022 at 19:06 #52445

I purchased a $20 TP-link router/L2 switch that I will use, and leave at the Hunt camp if I require access the LMS/M2P via the ethernet port. This will likely be the easiest path forward. In the future I may purchase the Starlink ethernet dongle which will allow for wired ethernet. My plan is to leave both the wifi and ethernet port on the M2P as DHCP clients, and I will ensure the Starlink router is off if I am using the TP-Link router to access the M2P. Therefore only one port will be up at any given time. That should allow me to access the node/and or re-image the SD card if something goes awry in the future. In normal operation the M2P wifi will be up and the wired ethernet port will be down. While i appreciate the flexibility of WiFi, in general I am not a huge fan , and have installed 6 ethernet switches throughout my primary dwelling and only use wifi for smart phones, tabs and home NEST products etc.

Thanks for your help