Reply To: Audiophonics Powerbutton -Zeitspanne für weichen Shutdown

31. Mai 2022 at 17:04 #52243

Sorry for my initial request in German! Let me ask again in English:
Dear Forum,
I am running my Max2Play setup in a combination of: Pi3b+, HifiBerry DAC + Pro and Audiophonics Power Module with LED button. The Audiophonics Powerbutton plugin is installed as described. Starting procedure, soft and hard shutdown work without any problems.
However, I would like to extend the time during which the soft shutdown is available and would like to lock the hard shutdown (the device will be used by different family members in the future and I want to simplify the use).
Is there a config-file where the time can be set? Is there any possibility to modify the plugin? I found some corresponding files in /var/www/max2play/application/plugin/audiophonics, but in my opinion there is no way to change the time parameter.
Best regards and thanks