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24. Februar 2022 at 19:49 #52097

Sure, my pleasure 🙂

Well, I’m a big fan of kodi + yatse. I have it running on my pi in the living room (see first post) connected via hdmi to my Beamer. Since yesterday I play the sound via dac+ to my amp and speakers in the living room.

The media+TV I stream from my central Pi4 in the bureau (always on). There, currently also the lms is running.

I also use the living room pi to play music only (Beamer switched off). Now I had the idea to stream the music also to some players in kitchen and bathroom. Since I like the features of yatse a lot (voice control, music, videos, TV, video recorder in one app), my goal is to select the music in yatse and stream it multiroom. So I tried to add a second pi (zero w) with m2p to the living room, running lms. This should be connected to my kodi-pi via Bluetooth and stream the input to Lms. From Lms all players shall be served with the music:
1. Living room (player on pi zero)
2. Kitchen, pi zero w, m2p
3. Bathroom, pi zero w, m2p

I hope it’s understandable without diagram 🙂

Remark: I do not run lms directly on the kodi-pi since I do not know if there is a way to stream the audio to Lms other than BT and because the player is switched off as soon as I start kodi.

Thanks and Best,