Reply To: command prompt

25. Januar 2022 at 13:43 #51985

You could first check via the web interface whether the sound card was recognised correctly. To do this, install the HiFiBerry plugin and select the Amp2 from the list, then click on Save. After a restart, the Amp2 should be recognised. If you have already activated the Amp2, you can select „none“ from the list, save, restart and then repeat the procedure. If the Amp2 is recognised correctly, 3 volume controls should appear in the HiFiBerry plugin. In the advanced options of Squeezelite (in the audio player plugin) „sysdefault…hifiberry…“ should be selected as sound output. However, if only the internal sound outputs are displayed there, then the sound card is probably defective.
Only when you have set up the sound card via the web interface will you be able to see it via commands such as aplay or alsamixer.