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25. Januar 2022 at 13:21 #51984

Hi Mario,

Ok, I can do that.

I was confused because reading on the HifiBerry homepage, which sparked my question on command prompt.

My issue is an RB4 + AMP2 install I did for a friend. After endless problems with Spottify-Connect, I have bought him a better router and flashed his SD card. Problems with Spotti are solved, but AMP2 is not producing any sound output. I am a little buggered, and will go to his home tonight, but we have already remotly doubled checked all settings and obvious issus. I’ll try three additional questions, the ones I am most likely to need answers for this evening.

1. Can I see in the logs if AMP2 is correctly mounted and recognized by PI4?
2. Any commands you could recommmend for investigation?
3. What is required to declare the AMP2 as defect?

B.rgds Ras