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27. Dezember 2021 at 17:28 #51864

Thanks. After doing some work on it, it would seem that the Airplay implemented in Max2Play is the original (Airplay 1) system… in 2018 Apple introduced Airplay 2, which allows for multiple players. The system as it stands doesn’t allow streaming to more than one player at a time from my iPhone 13 Pro running IOS 15.2 (the most recent version of both iphone and IOS available). I get a check when selecting the player … no circle to fill (which as I understand it I should see with Airplay 2).

I’m running LMS 8.2.0 on my RPi. The firmware on my players is, however, Max2Play v1.0.3 based on v1.8.7-999. I don’t see a way to update that if that’s in fact the problem.

You have been very kind … do you have any suggestions?