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7. Dezember 2021 at 1:19 #51834

Hi Mario,

First, and most importantly, thanks again for your very kind support. I really do appreciate it. You went over the top by doing testing specifically for me … much (MUCH) appreciated.

I was able to put time into the issue this weekend, and I found and fixed the issue. As I’m sure you suspected, the problem was that I’m an idiot. After exhaustively trying everything else, I chose to select the „update squeezeplay“ button. After updating, and rebooting, I now have a reliable airplay connection.

I’m betting that you never hear the rest of the story for many of the issues you deal with. Mine was just that simple, and confirms that I’m a dummy. I should have tried that first… I really just never noticed the check box for updating until I’d pulled out all of my hair.

Again, thanks so much – I really appreciate your support!