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4. Oktober 2021 at 3:00 #51699

Hello MarioM,

Thank you for your reply.

I have tried what you said and turned off any fixed IP assignment, but the behaviour is the same. If I re-enter the password and save, internet connection is restored/made.

All I can tell you about the setup is that it is Max2Play Vers 2.47 on an RPi3 with Cirrus Logic/Wolfson card. Jessie and Wheezy ring a bell with me from when I downloaded the image 2+ years (?) ago. Sorry, not much into the programming side of Rpi’s. It does say on the settings page that I am using „Wolfson Cirrus Logic New (for Kernel 4.4.+)“.

When I enquired on the forum a little while ago about later versions of Max2Play, I was told that the latest versions are written for the Rpi4 and will (possibly?) break the Wolfson Cirrus card in my setup. It was suggested not to upgrade. I may have that wrong, but the response will be written in a previous thread here.

Edit: I have just remembered, my enquiry/discussion on upgrading to a later version of Max2Play was via email, not on the forum, sorry.

Thank you again,

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