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2. Juli 2021 at 17:32 #51404

Hi Mario

Thanks for the reply. I read your message and tried again with the smartphone on the same network, meaning the M2P has an ethernet cable connect to the router and my phone is also connected to the router, and yes that works and works well, thanks. Not sure what was happening yesterday, but it really wasn’t working.

So thats solved that problem.

But I have a question, should this work as a standalone system, meaning can I connect a HD to my M2P, the M2P then creates its own wifi connection, I then connect to this via my phone and control it with Kore (with no internet connection) Kore will then access Kodi on my M2P and play the media files either via a USB DAC, A Highfi Berry DAC or the 3.5mm audio out Jack socket.. (No I don’t need to access other M2P’s)

Or have I misunderstood the concept of how the AP works, I really would appreciate some clarity from you Mario so I’m not burning the midnight oil trying to do what the system isn’t designed to do.

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