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29. März 2021 at 16:37 #51052

good morning my friend!

That that would comment on the need to put 8.2 to work ?? here are the changes

Version 8.2.0

New Features:
Try to group online artists with local artists by ignoring slightly different spelling (eg. "The Beatles" vs. "Beatles", "Amy Macdonald" vs. "Amy MacDonald").
a href="">#537 - Add audio option to combine channels to build a mono signal (whether player is synchronized or not).
a href="">#538 - Add Balance setting for players which support it (thanks philippe44!).

Server Changes:
When an online scan doesn't return any track, but previously had some, do not remove tracks from library. The empty new list is likely due to a scan failure.
Try to improve backwards compatibility with eg. Erland's plugins, which sometimes struggle with the remote tracks.
#411 - Transcoder conversion rules: Support resampling for Ogg/Flac streams (thanks bpa/mw9!)

Platform Support:
#18 - Add a systemd service file for Debian based systems (thanks mw9 & tomscytale).
#22 - Add systemd service configuration for RPM based systems (thanks JohanSaaw!)
#526 - Add Perl 5.32 and 5.30 support for Linux aarch64 platform. (thanks clivem!)
Remove Font::FreeType from Linux distributions. It's easy enough to install it using the system's package manager, and it would conflict on system where we don't provide the binary.

Bug Fixes:
#554 - Long current playlist disappears from UI during wipe and rescan.

#528 - On Unix-like platforms, we now ensure that plugins are installed in such a way that none of their files are writable by users other than the user running LMS, even if theyʼre stored that way in the plugin ZIP file.

Bencat57 and as MarioM already said you are having a problem with your installation … redo your card and install the version of Logitech Media Server that you want through the Max2play control pane

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