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5. März 2021 at 15:25 #50882

I’m sorry, I’m pretty bad with linux…
so, I’m on the LXDE desktop marked Max2Play but I can’t find any Jivelite option.
in fact, I wonder if we’re talking about the same thing…
There are 3 „levels“
1) the web interface
2) the jivelite screen connected to my pi
3) the LXDE screen when leaving jivelite.
Are you talking about the 2 or the 3?
I tried to set the clocks in the 2 with my 7″ touch screen and this must be where I forget something.
I go to „display“, „screen saver“ and I set the different screensavers (stop, playing and off).
There, nothing happens and you can see that the screen saver goes to standby but it’s all black…