Reply To: Display brightness

3. März 2021 at 23:01 #50875

Well, I will give a +1 for the recommendation to control the display brightness !!

To be honest, I gave Volumio a try in the meantime (using m2p and the former version of it since years), but Volumio looked promissing and interesting. One feature they have is exactly the possibility to control the brightness.
Even better than that is the function, to POWER OFF the 7″ Screen after a defined time when not playing !

That is, from my point of view, an essential function as more and more users integrate this player not only as a diy-project more than an alternative to a cd-player or other devices (so did I).

So could you please be so kind and give this feature request a higher priority ?
From the technically point, it is possible 😉

Thanks for your great work you guys did until today…