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4. Februar 2021 at 18:10 #50741

Hi Mario

As always thank you for your help and advice I have been using the WinSCP method for years but it is this that has stopped working and when you fix moount the HD it does not give you read / write / delete permissions to the drive so I am not able to copy one file to the other.

I have gone through the set up you suggested and have got this to work now which will be fine . One small point for others doing it in the Windows set up just ticking the boxes for Reconnect at sign -in and Connect using different credentials does not bring up any log in boxes when you then click on finish . Instead you need to clink on the link in blue at the bottom which opens another window and put the details in that and then it lets you add your sign in and when completed it adds a link in your networks you can then cancel the original box you describe and everything works . This may well be a new thing in the current upgrade to Windows 10 .