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28. Januar 2021 at 15:57 #50678

Hi Mario

1. I have uploaded the SB server on „DACpi“ (this will be my main M2P with the hard drive attached to it) and turned off the SB server’s on the other 3 pi’s and also turned of autostart to them. I have NOT removed them, just not activated them.

The Pi’s are
1. Dac Pi
2. Kitchen Pi
3. Rp4 Pi
4. Garage Pi
5. SB Touch

If I then go to the individual M2P web pages of each pi and look at the Network Look up I get this ( Meaning, The other PI’s I can see)
Dac Pi I can see only the Dac Pi
Rp4 Pi I can see only the Rp4 Pi
Kitchen Pi I can see all of them (not SB touch)
Garage Pi I can see all of them (not SB touch)
Plus some show the names I gave them, some show only the PI address, not sure if this is what I should do ?

Also, when this is all working, can I control them with Squeezer (or Ipeng etc) which is what I use now, or do I have to use the Logitech Media Server?

I did follow your advice about synchronizing them but when I went to the Logitech media server page and go to the dropdown player tab for the DAC pi (my main PI)I can see the kitchen player and the SB touch. I can’t see the Rp4 or the Garage player.

Please note…I have a mesh system alongside my router, so while doing this they were all on the same wifi. So it can’t be that they are on different networks that causing this. Hope you can please help as I’ve looked around the forum and I’m struggling to find an answer.
Thanks for trying to help its really appreciated.

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  • This reply was modified 3 years, 4 months ago by Alex.