Reply To: Multiroom player, using 3.5mm audio output

27. Januar 2021 at 14:47 #50661

Hi Alex,

I would recommend you to install the Squeezebox Server on one of the Pis. In its web interface you should then see all active Squeezelite players and all Squeezebox servers in the home network (top right in the player selection). If several servers appear there (in bold) then a server is already running on another Pi or on your Squeezebox Touch. In this case, you should ensure that only one Squeezebox server is running in the home network (e.g. by removing the autostart from the server on the Pi) and that you have access to its web interface. In the article „Kitchen“ of the article series you will find further information on how you can control and synchronize the players via the web interface (regardless of whether you are using a sound card or not)..

You only need Multisqueeze if you want to use several sound outputs on a Pi, such as the jack output of the Pi and the output of a connected sound card. All you need for your project is the Squeezelite Player in the audio player tab.

To use the Pi’s jack output, check whether „sysdefault …“ has been selected as the audio output in the Squeezelite advanced options.