Reply To: Multiroom player, using 3.5mm audio output

25. Januar 2021 at 18:12 #50652

Hi Mario, thanks for getting back to me.
I have tried to follow that link before and it mentions different audio/ DAC cards so that’s when I got lost as I just need the bare bones setup using either the 3.5mm audio out or a usb DAC ( sorry I was editing my last post as this came through),

I did try and follow the instructions but just couldn’t get my head around how to set this up in a very basic state.

Maybe this might be another option. I have a Logitech touch, it allows me to synchronise a player to it. I have in the kitchen which works brilliantly . So, I built another player, but the touch can’t see that at all. So, then I built another, this time it was a pi4. Again it couldn’t see that either. If it could, then I’m ok, I can use that. So maybe if I can’t use the multiroom setup, I could use this as another option. Hope this makes sense, thanks again Mario.

EDIT: Mario, I have just installed the “multi squeeze” plugin and I think I have done the right things but when I hit the start squeezelite button, it’s saying “Trying to launch…NOT successful. This is on my player, not my main server with my hard drive attached to it. I feel I’ve missed something but I’m not sure what. Also, when I use squeezer, I have a choice of playing on the Touch or my kitchen player. Once set up, is this where I can pick this player once working. Sorry for the trouble.

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