Reply To: DSD playback

8. November 2020 at 23:03 #50084

Hello, I made use of these instructions so that I could get DSD music through a HifiBerry Digi+Pro mounted on a Raspberry Pi4 running Max2Play and attached to a pair of Dali Zensor AX speakers via Toslink fiber. Since another unit in another room that has a HifiBerry AMP2 had no problems before making these changes, I am guessing that the Digi+Pro was sending DSD data to the Dalis in DoP, which probably did not work.

But now I am wondering, just what quality of music data is actually being sent to and beyond the Digi+Pro given these settings. Is it CD quality (16-44) or better? Or otherwise?

And is there something else that I could do that would be better? Are there any settings that I could input for the Digi+Pro via the Max2Play HifiBerry plugin webpage for that unit?

Note: A third Pi4 that runs the server is attached to a soundbar via HDMI. This one also output sound fine when playing DSD files before making these changes. PCs runnig Squeezelite-X also had no problems. The only problem was with the Digi+Pro unit.