Reply To: Spotify Connect with M2P on RPI + Display

14. August 2020 at 22:32 #49562


Thanks a lot for your reply, I think Jivelite is a good way to go.

Now my setup consist of a PI4 + HIFIBerry DAC Pro + HDMI on TV for testing + living room hifi system
Software: M2P + Squeezebox + Spotify Plugin + Jivelite.
Licence: looks like Jive requires a M2P license, but I got a 1 month free voucher with the HIFIBerry, thanks 😉 .

I had not so much time to test everything, but:
Spotify Connect works as expected, good response, amazing audio quality
Jivelite displays with a delay of <1sec picture and song details.

In the meantime I also tested KODI + Spotify Plugin.. but was to unstable for me, M2P is much better.

Next Steps:
– Purchasing a 7″ HDMI Display + Touch
– Find a way to add some more functions to Jivelite:
– – Control Buttons, (next song, stop, play, shutdown,..)
– Testing with a PI3, because it has lower power consumption
– Building a housing
– Build a second one for my car

Thanks a lot for your help

And a big thanks to my wife.
She had a proper cinch to cinch cable for my setup 🙂