Reply To: Spotify Connect with M2P on RPI + Display

11. August 2020 at 12:07 #49522

Hi Lukas,

please excuse the late reply. Theoretically, the Pi 3 supports resolutions up to Full HD and the Pi 4 supports up to 4k via HMDI. However, it only supports resolutions up to 800×480 via the DSI port. Our touch solutions all work with the official 7 „Pi touch display. Max2Play does not yet support HDMI touch displays directly. However, there are DIY solutions for this in various Rasperry Pi forums that should also work with Max2Play.

As far as I know, there is no Spotify app with a graphical user interface for the Raspberry Pi. Alternatively, you can install the Spotty plugin for the Squeezebox Sever and then control the playback of Spotify via Jivelite on the touch display. Apart from that, the most convenient way to play Spotify is via Spotify Connect, e.g. via a smartphone.

There is already a Deezer plugin for the Squeezebox Server that you can try out. However, I do not think that Deezer HiFi will work with it. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any alternative for the Squeezebox Server other than TIDAL.