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1. August 2020 at 10:30 #49485


In max2play 2.52 Stretch Standard Kodi 18.2 , the YouTube adding does not update to version 6.60 or similar, from version 6.41 or such.
And so, I cannot search from Kodi YouTube anymore. Personal api keys i installed longer time ago.
I think, it has something to do with outdated YouTube add on, which does not want to update.
Or, Recently I got weird google message about my YouTube api project for some validation, which I did not do yet.

Anybody else?

When does link to Kodi update come, please?

Ah, and do you have a guide, howto enable YouTube hd videos? Because I cannot activate input stream adaptive in YouTube settings, everything grayed out.
So, Music Videos played only in 360p so far and now nothing, see problem above.