Reply To: Google Home and LMS on RPi/Max2Play?

31. Juli 2020 at 1:32 #49483

Is there a link for this now?

And also, I am still a bit puzzled by this discussion. What I THINK many of us would like to be able to do, is to tell Google Home what to do with our audio sound board through max2play. I, for instance, have a HifiBerry sound board connected to a a Niles SVL-6 ’speaker selector‘, which allows me to play music on any of the 5 pairs of (hard-wired) speakers that are connected to it throughout our house. So I would like to be able to tell LMS through a Google Home command to play a certain song or radio station on those speakers.

This works great, for instance, through Plex for video (and I guess also for audio, but then only to play on network-connected devices). So I can just ask Google Home (through FlexTV) to play a certain movie or tv show (or even episode, or even a certain sport within that episode) just through a voice command. For a cool example, see here. Is something like this possible for max2play?

Or even simpler – is there a way to tell Google Home to stream something through squeezer to max2play („Ok Google. Play song X on max2play“)?