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10. Juli 2020 at 1:31 #49276

Hi Mario,

Thank you for your work with this.
I have updated to the beta version and now both Squeezlite and Spotify Connect clients will autostart and switch one another upon request.

I have another problem though. There’s no sound on either interface. However I might be doing something wrong or missing as it’s been a while since I last set this one up and I can’t remember. I have to re-learn everything from scratch.

Is there anything in particular I should check?

Thank you

I found where the problem was. The header is not secure enough and it was losing connection between the Pi and the Hat. I can confirm you can proceed with implementing this bug fix to the next official update!

The initial volume of Spotify Connect however is still low. I did put the argument into the settings, tried also an alctl store but at all times after reboot the volume will be at 50%.
Could you please let me know where the conf file of the client is located? I’m thinking to try to set the value to 100 there instead.

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