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4. Juli 2020 at 0:47 #49181

That fixed the dual Library entry! I was reading a guide and it said to use that plugin, so I assumed it needed to be running.

Oh now I see, when I go to Spotify on my phone, it no longer shows up as a selection to output too. So it fixes the dual entry, but now I can’t stream to it.

I re-enabled the plugin and renamed Library so I know the difference now. I don’t see a way of keeping it enabled and preventing the 2nd Library entry from showing up so I can stream to other players. But I guess that’s now a plugin issue.

Trying to find that mysterious device showing up (which it also goes away when I disable the bridge) may be a lesson in futility..I have no idea where it’s coming from! Hopefully I’ll run across it some day lol.

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