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2. Juni 2020 at 22:50 #48934

Hi MarioM
Really good of you to get back to me.
Would you please take a look at this below and see if I’m on track ?

Sambashares, this is whats on the Filesystem Mount page on my Max2play

Sambashares on Max2Play – setup network share paths


/media/usb0/storage/My Music/flac

Max2play USB


Create Mode

User for Samba-Access: root
Password for Samba-Access: root

I’ve upgraded to Pi4 and don’t seem to remember this issue with my other pi. In the past I just opened my file manager „My Computer“/network and there is was.
However, in windows I can see my player on the network and I can see the shared folder, but when I click on it to open it, it (windows I think) asks for a username and password.

Going back to your instructions, when you say „connect the network drive to your Windows PC“, I’m really not sure what you mean. I thought this is what samba does.
I’d really appreciate if you could spell this bit out a little more please.

And your instructions above, Do you mean in my browser, and if so should look like this
http:\\\max2playshare. I tried this and it did’nt work.

But even if it did, would this, once done allow me access to the files via windows file manager as I need access to backup my music to the cloud. Thanks for your help.

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