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30. April 2020 at 18:18 #48674

Hello Mario

Thanks for the update. This particular server is intended to be used in a vehicle. The only internet connection will be via a mifi and I would rather not have to switch that on just to get the player to work.

There have been some further developments.
I have been testing with a wifi dongle. I had some problems when streaming from a server over the inbuilt wifi and I thought I would try an old dongle that I had. As part of the reconfiguration, I found that resetting Jivelite helped when the server/player could not be found.
I thought I would try reactivating Accesspoint to see if there was any improvement with the dongle. I had to do a reset of Jivelite again and the entire configuration started working.
I cannot be sure if it is the dongle or the reset that makes the difference (or both).
I have noticed that what is being reported in the m2p web pages is slightly strange. The health checker is showing Internet connected but it definitely isn’t.

It does raise the question as to what is causing the problem. Certainly part of the problem is Jivelite but does having a separate dongle help. Is the problem as difficult as you think? I would need to do more testing to check. I will probably examine further when I get a replacement dongle as it is 5 years old.

I will run the pi in this mode for a few days to see how stable it is.