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28. April 2020 at 14:51 #48639

For some reason my last response is not showing so I have pasted again below.

Hello Mario

I am running Squeezebox Server, Squeezelite and Jivelite on a single Pi with a Touchscreen. The music is on a usb attached SSD. It runs ok on the LAN and with wifi. I want to have the option to use it in entirely standalone mode with Accesspoint. Accesspoint is all set up and is not interfering with Bluetooth since I added the display and Jivelite.
When I start up without the LAN connected then I cannot access the music library from Jivelite.
I get the message „We couldn’t connect to <name>. Make sure your computer is turned on and connected to your local network…“
If I connect with the ethernet cable attached then I can access the library.
I have selected the various options for using Acesspoint in standalone mode, i.e.:

  • Accesspoint Mode on missing network connection – ticked
  • Edit basic accesspoint settings – Standalone ticked

I do get the message that „Device is started in Automatic Accesspoint Mode.“
I note that I get the message 3 times in the Audioplayer tab.