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17. April 2020 at 18:00 #48540

The goal is to use this in a multi zone system with Pi4 and Hifiberry hardware, AMp2 and some DAC boards. Demo will be all Pi4/2gig ram, 16G MicroSD card.

There will be a mix of Hifiberry DAC, AMP+ and one beocreate amp.

The platform will all be running in a squeezebox Ecosystem and eventually controlled by an RTI System.

At the moment the speed bump is getting the Beiocreate board to work. I’ve tried the settings for the Hifiberry DAC+ and haven’t been able to get output.

Ideally I’d run a plug in that will make use of the DSP abilities of this amp.

Is there a link for how to set up the „BeoCreate selection for our beta solution for DSP profile“

Thanks again.