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30. Januar 2020 at 11:02 #47973

So. Again in English:

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The setup: Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB – without audio adapter, 64GB SD (Sandisk), internal Bluetooth (HCI0) offline – blocked by rfkill, USB-BT dongle (HCI1), USB stick 128GB (music database), no sound card

Goal: Play my music content from the connected stick or via BubbleUPnP / Squeezer to another player / home theater AVR (Bluetooth) or other Bluetooth speakers. Everything only via Bluetooth. Jack and HDMI not used.

After the initial setup, it was a bit complicated to set up Bluetooth as an interface and select it in the audio player. It was finally done manually via the console (sudo bluetoothctl -> pair MAC -> connect MAC -> trust MAC). Before I wanted to search for the Bluetooth speaker via the M2P interface, I first deactivated the internal Bluetooth interface and let the USB stick move up. A connect via the interface cannot be carried out.

If I could connect the speaker manually, the Squeezelite server played music, but as soon as the RPi was restarted, no automatic connection to the known speaker. Trust 12: 34: 56: 78: bLA.BLA was previously run.

Now the second problem arises at the back that the Squeezelite server is no longer startable / lubricated. Also unavailable after restart (localhost: 9000).

Further edge information: The RPI also has the IO broker running, which should not pose a problem in my view, since it only uses ports 8081 to 8083.

If I have to submit certain logs to the problem, please state where they are.

Thank you very much