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9. Januar 2020 at 15:51 #47911

after further testing i realize that airplay audio player shouldn’t be active in te audioplayer section because that will prevent the squeezelite audioplayer to work, which means i can stream music from my computer which is a mac but not from my phone which is android.
Therefore i’m still at the starting point.
I manage to install bluethoot and that works properly so far.
But no luck for airplay.
I’m now very sure that i have installed just shairtunes2 (fork) – author: philipp as squeezebox server plugin and any other airplay (or at least taht have this name in their name or description) are active.
Also no other audioplayer then squeezelite is active.
Nothing happen after the installation both with my pi3 B and with my new pi4.

To be super sure: Is this the procedure the following?
1- install shairtunes2 (fork) plugin from squeezebox server tab.
2- be sure the plugin is installed and any other are installed from LMS > settings/plugins interface
3- device should show up in iTunes or Audio section of mac system preference. (if it doesn’t!)